Detailed Case Study:
NOC Integrated

NOC Integrated – Transforming Digital Presence with Brand Consistency

NOC Integrated, a leading oil and gas servicing company, needed a refreshed and modernized website to better reflect their brand and enhance user engagement.
NOC Integrated Website Hero section redesign

Problem Statement:

NOC Integrated faced challenges with their outdated website, which lacked brand consistency and effective user engagement.


  • Integrating a cohesive brand identity.
  • Designing a user-friendly interface.
  • Ensuring the website meets industry standards and regulations.
  • Incorporating modern design elements inspired by the client’s new preferences.


  • Approach: Ensure brand consistency across the website. Incorporate elements from the client’s preferred websites to align with their vision.
  • Implementation: Developed a brand style guide to ensure uniformity. Utilized photography in creative way. Designed a responsive layout for various devices. Proposed and presented a hero section, which received client approval.

Proposed Solution:

  • Hero Section: Presented a hero section that captures attention and effectively communicates the brand’s core message. The hero section was approved, setting the direction for the rest of the design.
  • New Design Elements: Added interactive elements and sleek designs inspired by the reference websites. Focused on intuitive navigation and accessibility.


  • Outcome: Initial results from the updated design show a significant improvement in user engagement. Positive client feedback on the new design direction.
  • Metrics: Expected improvements in site traffic and user interaction, to be measured post-launch.
  • Client Feedback: NOC Integrated’s new design direction perfectly captures our brand identity and brings a modern touch to our digital presence.

Current Status: The updated website is in development, with continuous client feedback integration. Ongoing support and updates are planned post-launch to ensure sustained performance and alignment with client needs.

Resources: Adobe Creative Suite for design. WordPress for development. 

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